This list of the 5 strongest Demon Slayer Demons will give you a better insight into this group of antagonists. The characters will be taken from different narrative arcs. You’ll find out some basic information about them, from which you will be able to deduce why we have positioned them as we have on our list.

1. Muzan Kibutsuji


It is revealed later in the series that Muzan was getting slower and slower, due to the effects of the aging medicine provided by Tamayo, which sped up his age massively. Despite everything, he was able to subdue the Hashira that faced him, as well as Tanjiro who was just learning to use the Sun Breathing style.

2. Kokushibou


Kokushibo was an extremely powerful swordsman, considered the strongest of the Twelve Moon Demons and the second strongest Demon in the series, after Muzan Kibutsuji. As one of the oldest demons in the series, he has fought numerous demon hunters and gained immense experience and knowledge in combat.

He was able to easily decipher the methods and skills of at least two Pillars and crush them in battle. As a Breathing user, he possessed high levels of strength and reflexes, which were further enhanced by his Demon physiology. As he began to use more and more of his power, Kokushibo managed to crush both Gyomei and Sanemi, both of whom were reinforced with their Demon Slayer Marks.

The proof of his power, it ultimately required a combination of attacks from Gyomei, Sanemi, and Muichiro to seriously injure him. In the end, Kokushibo’s death was mainly the result of his sudden inability to regenerate and began to crumble due to the realization of his mistake rather than the skills of his opponents.

3. Douma


His main form of combat was to channel his moves through his two fans, both powerful destructive attacks and paralyzed attacks from opponents. According to Douma, Akaza, the Upper Moon 3, would have had no chance of defeating him in battle.

Taking the position of Upper Moon 2, Douma is considered the third most powerful demon in the series. His combination of fighting techniques and skills was powerful enough to defeat Shinobu, the Insect Hashira without much difficulty, and it was noted that he also defeated Kanae Kocho, the previous Flower Hashira.

4. Akaza

As the holder of the title of Upper Moon 3, Akaza possessed tremendous power. Thanks to which he was able to defeat Kyojuro Rengoku, the Flame Hashira, as well as several former Hashira, according to what he stated. Later, he was able to fight on equal terms with Tanjiro and Giyu, even when both of them used their Demon Slayer Marks, and Tanjiro used the Dance of the Fire God.

If he had not lost the will to continue fighting, he would most likely have killed both of them. Further evidence of his power is that he is the fourth most powerful Demon in the series, who did not kill or eat any women, which drastically interfered with his growth in power as a Demon.

It is safe to assume that Akaza would have been much stronger and probably of a higher rank in the ranks of the Demon of the Twelve Moons, if he did not limit himself to killing only males.

5. Hantengu

Hantengu can split into several younger forms, each with its own distinctive emotion and abilities. What distinguishes them from each other is their clothing and a kanji tattoo that denotes their basic emotions. The main form of the Upper Moon 4, which is a smaller version of the original body, as well as a body that has a Hantengu “core”. This body possesses incredible physical strength and durability that even Genya’s bullets or sword cannot penetrate its flesh, despite Genya using his increased demon power to further enhance his attacks.

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