Naruto is an anime most famous for its colorful characters. Even the villains in the show are not pure evil incarnate, but some genuinely likable people. Which were affected by their individual situations, as most villains in Naruto have a final goal of achieving true peace. So, let’s put these loveable characters against each other.

1# Naruto Uzumaki – 6,880 votes


You already know who it is!

The strongest Ninja in the world, Student of pervy sage, The child of prophecy, The tamer of Nine Tails, The student of 6th Hokage, The son of 4th Hokage, My favorite anime character of all time.

Lord Seventh Naruto Uzumaki!

I am sure we all already know that the guy many anime fans grew up with is our favorite Naruto Character. We have seen him beaten, we have seen him face impossible odds, and we have seen him forgive the people who have caused him the most harm.

2# Sasuke Uchiha – 5,791 votes


To be honest, I am content with Sasuke being this high up on the list. The dude is alot likable for me.

And for him to be above Kakashi, Jiraya and Itachi is a not freaking joke!

It was the ranking in terms of power then this is the perfect place for him, otherwise, I wrap my mind around Sasuke being the second most popular Naruto character when we these other great characters.

3# Kakashi Hatake – 4,828 votes


The greatest sensei character considering every medium of storytelling ever not just anime. A character with a dark past who shelters his student from walking the same path he did.

A guy who never stopped smiling even after losing everything he had. We have seen him joke around while being a kind soul. But we have never seen him laugh out in any situation! this is the degree of sadness he holds within his heart.

4# Gaara – 4,239 votes

One of the most developed characters in all of Naruto along with Neji.

Kishimoto had made as a reflection of Nauto, he is the version of Naruto who has suffered more. An innocent child who has seen hate of the people since he was born, this made him lose all hope in people until Naruto came along.

Yeah, I know Naruto had a sad childhood, as the whole village hated him. But Gaara’s childhood was even sadder as his own father tried his best to kill him, along with everyone else in the village. Naruto at least had Iruka sensei, while Gaara had to kill his Iruka sensei with his own hands.

5# Itachi Uchiha – 4,011 votes

Hands down! my second favorite anime character of all time!

The life story that has made grown men cry. And for a completely valid reason the self-sacrificing nature of his, to be hated by all to protect some, a character that made us rethink what it means to be a true hero. We have already assumed the fame and notoriety that comes with being a savior of all people, but a true savior does what it takes to save people even when being hated by those very people.

By Bhavya

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